Call of Duty Ghosts trailer teases DLC reveal today

New hybrid weapon and map shown in latest video

Infinity Ward has posted a teaser video for new Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC which is expected to be revealed today.

A message posted alongside the video, which you can watch below, reads: "Season Pass holders: this is for you." The video also advises viewers to "stay tuned for big news" today.

The video shows a new submachine gun/assault rifle hybrid weapon rumoured to be called the Ripper. It's being used on what appears to be a new map, or two, featuring an underground location and an exterior section on a bridge.

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Activision has confirmed previously leaked plans to run a Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer demo this weekend.

The aforementioned leak, which appears to have been validated by the official multiplayer demo announcement, also suggests that Activision will offer a free CoD Ghosts Onslaught DLC trial over the weekend beginning Friday, March 21.