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Gearbox details Homeworld Remastered Collection

Homeworld 1 and 2 in remastered and original form

Gearbox plans to release both classic and remastered versions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2.

The developer laid out its plans for the Homeworld Remastered Collection this week. It previously referred to the project as Homeworld HD but changed the title to "communicate the scope of the work," according to Gearbox interactive marketing manager Chris Faylor:

"This is more than a simple re-release or up-res - given the input we've received from fans, mod makers and series veterans, the result is full-fledged remastering of nearly all aspects alongside the archival Classic versions."


The Remastered versions will also feature "multiplayer for both games has been combined into one centralized mode that will allow you to interact with other players like never before," according to the official site. The Classic versions will be updated only to work with modern operating systems.

Gearbox plans to open pre-orders for the Homeworld Remastered Collection soon. Gearbox acquired the rights to the Homeworld franchise during the THQ IP auctions in April for $1.35 million.

Blackbird Interactive, a studio formed by former Homeworld developers, signed with Gearbox in September to turn its spiritual prequel Hardware: Shipbreakers into an official prequel called Homeworld: Shipbreakers.