South Park co-creator criticises Stick of Truth censorship

"It's not cool - it's lame, ridiculous and stupid," says Matt Stone

South Park co-creator Matt Stone has hit out at the European censorship of South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Having released uncut in North America on Tuesday, the Obsidian developed RPG hits the UK today with a number of scenes removed from the game.


In the European version of Stick of Truth, a total of seven scenes involving abortion and anal probing have been cut.

"We weren't going to change the content, so we've written little cards to explain what is going on, what they've censored, and made a joke out of it," Stone told Metro.

"We're talking about 30 or 40 seconds out of the whole experience but we wanted people to know exactly where the line was: this is what you couldn't see but for some reason the rest of the world could and we have no idea why. It's not cool - it's lame, ridiculous and stupid."

A spokesperson for European classification body Pegi said earlier this week that it was Stick of Truth publisher Ubisoft's decision to cut the aforementioned scenes from the game. "Let me emphasise that we did not censor or edit the game in any shape or form," they said.

"The publisher made a decision to make alterations to the game which meant it had to be re-submitted to us as a different version. We are not privy to reasons why the game was edited and cannot, therefore, give you any other details."

In Austria and Germany, The Stick of Truth suffered a last-minute delay due to the inclusion of an "unconstitutional" symbol, reported to be a swastika, not meant to be featured in the localised versions of the game.

Image credit: Reddit