Infamous: Second Son live-action trailer slams the cops

How would Delsin's powers look in real life?

Sony has released a live-action Infamous: Second Son trailer as it gears up for the game's launch later this month.

You get to see new protagonist Delsin's iconic ground-pounding super move in a live-action setting.

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Sucker Punch's open-world action game is Sony's highest profile release of 2014 to date and the company has "high expectations" for the PS4 exclusive.

Sony has confirmed an Infamous Second Son release date of March 21, 2014. On Monday, the company said there'll be two digital versions of the game available on the PS Store from midnight on release day: the standalone title, and Infamous Second Son Legacy Edition, which contains the Cole's Legacy DLC.

Sucker Punch said earlier today that Infamous Second Son pre-orders are outpacing those racked up by The Last of Us at the same point in the run-up to hit PS3 game's release last year.