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GameStop raises PS4 Camera pricing amidst 'high demand'

Stock shortages see PS4 camera prices rise

US retailer GameStop has added a $10 markup to its pricing for the PlayStation 4 Camera as demand massively outstrips supply.

The camera's official MSRP is $59.99, a price honored by most outlets since the console's launch. But a recent shortage in supplies amidst 'high demand' for the peripheral has seen the camera sell out at most major retailers.


GameStop has responded to the supply shortage with a price hike - the camera is currently listed for $69.99 on the GameStop website.

Sony has avoided discussing exact sales figures or offering an explanation for the supply shortage, but it did tell Polygon that demand for the camera is strong.

"While we do not comment on the sales figures, shipment or monthly production quantity, PlayStation Camera remains in high demand," said the firm.

The PlayStation Camera is an optional PS4 peripheral that acts as a webcam for those using PS4's live broadcasting features, as well as a motion-detecting gameplay device for augmented reality experiences such the pre-installed mini game PlayRoom.