PlayStation Network maintenance scheduled for today

PS Store, Home and Account Management to be inaccessible for five and a half hours

Parts of the PlayStation Network will be down for more than five hours tonight as Sony performs maintenance on the service.

According to a post on the official PlayStation forums, the service will be partially down between the hours of 16:30-22:00 UK time (11:30-17:00 Eastern Time, 08:30-14:00 Pacific Time).


Any players who have signed into the network since March 6 will still be able to access online multiplayer and use 'partner apps' such as Netflix during the period, but players who haven't signed in during this window will be denied access while maintenance is ongoing.

Other services, including the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management, will be unavailable to anyone during the maintenance window.

Sony recommends that anyone wishing to take part in online multiplayer or use Netflix through their PlayStation console tonight should sign into the network before the scheduled maintenance begins.