Fight Club plus Streets of Rage equals a potential classic

Hey, remember the Fight Club game on PS2 and Xbox?

Don't try to reminisce too much, it was a load of old guff. When your prize for completing a game is unlocking a playable Fred Durst, you know something's gone horribly wrong somewhere.

Imagine if, instead of the clunky fighter we ended up getting, we had been given a side-scrolling fighter instead? One with a penguin-sliding mini-game, a level in which you have to beat yourself up at work, and a brilliant chiptune rendition of The Pixies' Where Is My Mind?

In fact, just imagine a Streets Of Rage game with Fight Club scenes in it. That's what YouTube channel CineFix has done as part of its 8-Bit Cinema series.

This isn't the first CineFix video we've shown - their Pulp Fiction video is equally brilliant and equally 16-Bit despite the series name.

But we're just suckers for all things Streets of Rage. You could give us a Streets of Rage version of any Eddie Murphy film made this millennium and for some reason we'd still be interested.

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