New Microsoft leadership 'extremely committed' to Xbox

It's "one of the most beloved brands the company has", says Phil Spencer

Microsoft's new leadership is "extremely committed" to Xbox, according to a key executive within the company's game's division.

Microsoft recently appointed Satya Nadella as its new CEO, while former Nokia boss Stephen Elop has taken charge of Devices and Studios, the business unit which oversees Xbox and Surface tablets.

And Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer, who's responsible for first party Xbox software, told attendees at this year's SXSW that he has received personal assurances from both of the new hires that Xbox remains a key part of the company's offering to consumers.


"In terms of Microsoft's commitment in the space, I know both Satya and Elop, I know them well," he said, according to Polygon. "I've had explicit conversations with them about Microsoft's commitment to Xbox - they're extremely committed to Xbox.

"Xbox is a really critical brand for us as a company as Microsoft; when you think about consumers, what they love about our company, Xbox is one of the most beloved brands that the company has. We're in the middle of a good, competitive battle in the console space with PlayStation, which is great for the industry.

"And they remain extremely committed to us succeeding with Xbox," Spencer reiterated, "which is nice to hear, right? It's something that resonates well inside the walls when you're talking to the teams, or when I stand in front of Xbox fans, I want to make sure that they understand we are extremely committed to this product."

Microsoft said in January that global Xbox One sales topped three million units between the console's November 22 launch and the end of 2013, while Sony claimed on March 4 that worldwide PS4 sales had reached six million units dollowing the console's November release.