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Battlefield 4 server rental on consoles 'coming soon'

Console players soon able to set up custom servers

DICE has confirmed that server rental options will 'soon' be available to Battlefield 4 console players.

Server rental is already available for BF4 players on PC, but the service is yet to be opened up to those playing on Xbox or PlayStation hardware.


But speaking via the Battlelog forums, a DICE rep told fans, "Indeed, it is coming. I'm afraid we don't have any information on this quite yet, but it is coming soon!"

Nothing further was revealed, but we expect console players to receive more information in the coming months.

Renting a server for Battlefield affords you greater administrative control over the game - you're able set up private or public matches, customize gameplay parameters such as the number of starting tickets per team, kick or mute players and choose specific maps for rotation.

Rental pricing varies between providers but ranges up to $25 per month.

DICE has been working hard to fix Battlefield 4's gameplay following a troubled launch late last year. Having improved vastly since then, the game received the latest of its frequent updates last week for PS4, PC, and Xbox 360 and PS3.