Fable Legends Q&A video reveals new info

One hub town available at launch, different camera views depending on character's role

Lionhead has released a new Fable Legends Q&A video which sheds some new light on its upcoming Xbox One game.

In the video, members of the Lionhead development team are asked questions posed to them by members of the Xbox One Upload community.

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Among the revelations, Lionhead said that the game will launch with one hub town called Brightlodge, with more to potentially be added later.

Lionhead also confirmed that there are more hero characters to be announced, and there'll be more to come following the game's launch.

The game will also feature update mechanisms that will make it easy to deliver new maps, quests, heroes and the like post-launch.

Curiously, it's also confirmed that different characters will have different camera views depending on their role in a particular quest.

Fable Legends was announced during Microsoft's Gamescom 2013 showcase event. The title will feature co-operative gameplay for up to four players.

Lionhead has confirmed that Fable Legends is the "only core Fable game" in development, with no sequel to Fable 3 planned.

The studio has described the launch version of Fable Legends as "season one" of the game, with plans evolve the title over the next five to ten years.