LivePlay: TitanFall & Xbox One Twitch App

We put Microsoft's new streaming functionality through its paces and play Respawn's shooter

Yesterday we published our Titanfall review and claimed the Respawn's shooter is "a jet-powered hop ahead of its rivals".

We also livestreamed our first hours playing multiplayer online (you can watch the archived footage here), but the Titanfall fun isn't over just yet.

Starting at 12.30pm until 2pm GMT we'll be streaming even more Titanfall, except this time we'll be doing it using Xbox One's brand new Twitch streaming functionality. Think of it as a two-fer: you get see more Titanfall action and a demo of the new console functionality.

Microsoft has made some serious claims about its Xbox One Twitch streaming capabilities (they essentially said it is amazing) and emphasised that its app is developed by Twitch, instead of internally. But is it any good? Watch our stream and find out.

We'll be streaming Titanfall regularly throughout the week, and starting our Dark Souls 2 playthrough tonight, so why not follow us on Twitch? You'll get a convenient notification any time we go live, so you'll never miss a session.

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