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'We don't touch on-disc DLC,' says Titanfall community manager

Abbie Heppe says doing so would be "scary community territory"

Respawn's community manager has said the studio didn't include on-disc DLC with Titanfall because it didn't want to upset players.

Speaking to OXM, Abbie Heppe explained that, while the game will have paid DLC in the future, none of it is already completed and stored on the game disc.


"I totally get [why on-disc DLC is a thorny topic]," Heppe said, "because nobody wants to have a disc and then have something that's unlocked on the disc and be like 'why are you charging me for something that you shipped with the game'? We don't touch that; that is scary community territory.

"But that said, we're a multiplayer game and you have to support multiplayer games after launch. The community wants it, we want it, and it certainly is the standard.

"But again, some of that comes from, 'OK you guys have played the game now, what did you like, what do you want', and seeing what we can feasibly do within the time periods that we have to get it done."

EA has confirmed plans to release three paid Titanfall DLC packs, each of which will contain new maps and other yet to be determined content. The content will be available for a reduced price as part of a Titanfall season pass.

Respawn's debut game is now available on PC and Xbox One in North America ahead of its rollout in other regions throughout the rest of the week. The Xbox 360 Titanfall release date is March 25 in the US and March 28 in Europe.