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Microsoft 'investigating' Xbox One headset adapter issues

Users of older headsets report voice chat glitches

Microsoft has acknowledged 'issues' with the Xbox One's headset adapter, following numerous complaints regarding voice chat functionality on older headsets.

Complaints have flooded in via the official Xbox forums and other websites over apparent compatibility issues with the newly-released Xbox One headset adapter and several makes and models of headset, including Turtle Beach and Astro.


According to user reports, while in-game audio and even Skype calls work fine, the voice of the affected user is distorted in party chat.

In a statement to Game Informer a Microsoft rep said the firm is 'investigating' the "intermittent issues".

"We've heard about a small number of users experiencing intermittent issues," said a Microsoft rep. "We're actively investigating and are working on a resolution."

The $24.99 adapter was released this month to allow Xbox One players to use Xbox 360 headsets with the new machine, which is not natively backwards compatible with older devices.

As well as a system update, users are also required to instal an update for the controller itself using the included USB cable.