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Mario Golf World Tour trailer visits Cheep Cheep Lagoon

Underwater golf course and more wacky mechanics from Mario

Nintendo has released a new Mario Golf World Tour trailer showing off one of the game's wackiest courses.

It's called Cheep Cheep Lagoon and it looks to be set entirely underwater, complete with fish, corral and other iconic enemies in the water-based levels of traditional Mario platformers.

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The 3DS game was originally set for release in summer 2013 before being delayed into the following year.

Mario Golf: World Tour will release on May 2 with a new single player mode, Nintendo confirmed during a Nintendo Direct broadcast in February.

Called Castle Club, it will let players use their Mii characters to advance through tournaments and special training modes. Miis can win currency to upgrade their performance with special clubs, golfballs, and clothing.

Mario Golf World Tour will also include competitive play and the ability to upload scores to large-scale tournament platforms, using a similar community system to Mario Kart 7, with Friend Communities and Theme Communities.