Rockstar's Houser brothers make a rare appearance at the BAFTAs

The usually secretive duo picked up the Fellowship last night

When you think of big gaming personalities, it's safe to say Dan and Sam Houser aren't usually the first names that spring to mind.

In fact you'd probably go through umpteen names - Miyamoto, Kojima, Molyneux, Levine, Aonuma - before even thinking of the Housers.


This is crazy when you think about it: after all, as the co-founders of Rockstar Games, they're responsible for some of the industry's most important titles, including Red Dead Redemption, Bully, LA Noire and, of course, Rockstar Table Tennis. Sorry, I meant Grand Theft Auto.

The reason their names aren't immediately uttered in the same breath as other notable industry heavyweights is simple: they're rarely seen.

Chances are, unless you watched the Video Game BAFTAs last night, you don't even know what Dan and Sam Houser look like. Go on, try to picture them in your head. You don't know where to start, do you? You don't even know if they've got hair.

That's why it was a pretty big moment when, last night, Hideo Kojima presented Rockstar with the BAFTA Fellowship and both Houser brothers took to the stage to collect it, along with GTA V art director Aaron Garbut (the chap in glasses) and Rockstar North boss Leslie Benzies.

In the video below, Dan Houser is the bald chap giving the acceptance speech, while Sam Houser is the bearded one giving most of the answers at the post-awards interview.

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