Player hits 1 million Gamerscore. You can stop trying now

Achievement unlocked: unlocked lots of Achievements

Like it or not, Achievements were one of the biggest game-changers in gaming last generation.

By creating the Gamerscore system and allowing players to score up to 1,000 points in each Xbox 360 game and 200 points in each Xbox Live Arcade game (later changed to 400), Microsoft ensured its console would become one big meta-game for some players.

Many players dabble in the unfortunately named act of Gamerscore whoring, trying to find the games that will earn them the most points in the easiest way possible. Anyone with even the slightest interest in building their Gamerscore will have already borrowed a copy of Avatar and nabbed its notorious 'easy 1000'.

I too am a self-confessed Achievement addict. I bought a Windows Phone so I could get Xbox Live Achievements in my mobile games, and upgraded to Windows 8 for the same reason. For the most part I was reasonably proud of my 132,773 Gamerscore.

That is, until last night, when a chap by the name of Stallion83 reached a ridiculous milestone:

Okay folks, the game's over. You can all stop now.

To think I was only 867,227 points away from catching up to him...