Infamous Second Son video shows first 20 minutes

Update: The InFamous: Second Son video posted appears to have been blocked by a copyright claim from Sony. But Sony has released over eight minutes of new official gameplay footage here.

Original report:An Infamous Second Son video showing the first 20 minutes of the game has been published online.

Containing story spoilers, the footage was posted online more than a week ahead of the official Infamous Second Son release date of March 21, 2014.

If you don't mind potential spoilers, you might also want to check out the recently revealed list of Infamous Second Son Trophies.

Last week, Sony said UK Infamous Second Son pre-orders were outpacing those racked up by The Last of Us at the same point in the run-up to the hit PS3 game's release last year.

The company also confirmed that there'll be two digital versions of Infamous Second Son available on the PS Store from midnight on release day, the standalone title and Infamous Second Son Legacy Edition. The latter will contain the first Infamous Second Son DLC pack, which is titled Cole's Legacy.


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