GAME details Titanfall midnight launch plans

Hundreds of stores across the UK opening early to sell the highly anticipated game

Retailer GAME has detailed its midnight launch plans for Titanfall.

Hundreds of branches across the UK will open their doors at midnight tonight to see in Friday's Titanfall release date on PC and Xbox One.


This comes after a largely successful North American launch on Tuesday when only minor and intermittent server issues affected the game, although these have apparently since been resolved.

Respawn and publisher EA have also launched a Titanfall 'known issues and troubleshooting' web page, which acknowledges current bugs and offers workarounds where available.

CVG's Titanfall review concluded: "Thrillingly chaotic and expertly tuned, Titanfall is a fairly orthodox FPS elevated to greatness by dozens of intelligent design choices." See what other critics thought of the game in our Titanfall review round-up.

The Xbox 360 Titanfall release date is March 25 in the US and March 28 in Europe.