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The Last of Us movie is a game adaptation, writer confirms

"We're only just scratching the surface" of the film project, says game's creative director

The Last of Us movie will be an adaptation of the PS3 game, rather than a new story set within the same universe.

"It's an adaptation of the story of The Last of Us," the game's creative director Neil Druckmann told IGN.

"As far as where we go and how we make it fit into a film, how it takes into account the unique properties of film... we're not sure yet. We're only just scratching the surface."


It was confirmed in early March that Druckmann will pen the script for the movie. Alongside Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra, and game director Bruce Straley, Druckmann will also serve as a "creative architect" on the Sony project.

According to Sony, The Last of Us sales topped 3.4 million units between the title's release on June 14 and July 3 last year, making it the fastest selling new franchise in the console's history and, at the time, the quickest selling PS3 game of 2013.

The Last of Us was the biggest winner at the 2014 Video Game BAFTA awards in London on Wednesday night, scooping five prizes.

CVG's The Last of Us review called the game "a masterful marriage of storytelling and game design, and easily Naughty Dog's finest moment".