Battlefield 4 Naval Strike maps and gadgets detailed

Lead gameplay designer talks about building ship-to-ship warfare

Battlefield 4 DLC expansion pack Naval Strike will focus on ship-to-ship combat with changing maps to keep skippers on their toes.

Lead gameplay designer Gustav Halling answered questions about the upcoming expansion to Battlefield 4, which is due in late March.


Halling said the greatest challenge with Naval Strike's maps was giving boats enough room to be useful and infantry enough land to fight over. DICE decided to minimize the number of land-based vehicles to keep the spotlight on sea-and-air skirmishes.

Infantry can shape these battles by opening and closing flood gates to bases, though they may find their firefights disrupted by shifting aircraft wreckage and falling submarines.

Air units will find plenty of room to manoeuvre, but helicopter pilots will have to keep their eyes out for a new threat: engineers get a new Heli-Mine gadget that can block off paths for low-flying choppers.

All players will gain access to the M320 GL gadget: a new grenade launcher that can fire three rounds without reloading, at the cost of decreased splash damage.

Halling detailed Naval Strike's new Carrier Assault mode in a post last week.

Battlefield Premium members will receive access to the Naval Strike expansion two weeks before it goes on general sale. The DLC will feature four maps, five new weapons, the amphibious hovercraft vehicle, ten assignments and Carrier Assault mode.