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Updated: Our most epic TowerFall moments in gif form

Relive the glorious highs, the scintillating comebacks and the crazy random moments

CVG thinks TowerFall is simply amazing. A genuine game of the year contender. A four-player experience as magical as Mario Kart, GoldenEye, Smash Bros, Halo, and Street Fighter. Seriously, play it.

As we explain in our TowerFall Ascension review, the game is archery's answer to Bomberman. Two to four contestants, armed with a bow and three arrows, are thrown into boxed-out arenas and score points by being the last person standing. It's so simple yet endlessly deep.

One of the coolest additions to the PC version is the option to capture replays of your most epic moments in gif form. Since TowerFall is the sort of game where something incredible happens in every single match, these'll soon stack up.

Below we've published gifs of our favourite TowerFall moments, the glorious highs, the scintillating comebacks, the crazy random moments, the perfect kills.

Update: Fresh batch of gifs added on April 24, as seen below!

The images are separated between pages because all on the screen at once might grind your PC, tablet, phone to a halt. But if you think your connection speed is up to it, we've got a handy link to view all the images in one page.

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