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Yoshi's New Island review round-up: No tongues

All the verdicts in one place

Yoshi's New Island, the fourth game in the dino-themed platformer series, is out tomorrow in the US and Europe.

In our Yoshi's New Island review, we said: "It's just so disappointing to play a Nintendo game that doesn't have any magic to it. Instead of that fresh, original SNES game with that beautiful hand-drawn look all those years ago, Yoshi's New Island feels more like painting by numbers."

We haven't been the only site to cover Nintendo's latest offering, though. So, as ever, we've put together this handy round-up telling you what everyone else has been saying about it.


All scores are out of 10 unless otherwise stated.

  • CVG: 6 - "There undoubtedly remains some fun to be had here, thanks to the series' satisfying gameplay, but it's the Nintendo equivalent of a Disney straight-to-video film."
  • Edge: 4 - "No one part of Yoshi's New Island is ruinous by itself, but the sum is so much less than the 20-year-old parts from which it's cobbled together. No one deserves to be duped by the Crayola box art into expecting a true sequel to a childhood-gulping adventure, which is still counted among the most innovative 16bit games of the mid-'90s. Arzest has laid an egg here, but not of the golden variety."
  • Joystiq: 4/5 - "Though it fails to elevate itself into the exalted ranks of the Very Best Mario Games, Yoshi's New Island is by no means a sub-standard experience. It's solid. Reliable. You come in expecting devious platforming levels that will test your gaming mettle, and that's exactly what you get."
  • Gamespot: 5 - "The best elements are recycled from a game that's almost 20 years old, and because nothing particularly interesting was added, it does little to excite the imagination. Yoshi's New Island is a decent platformer, but it's also so forgettable that it won't leave you with any lasting memories."
  • Giant Bomb: 3/5 - "At its core, Yoshi's New Island is not a bad game. This is an acceptable, middle-of-the-road platformer, and one that I had an OK time with. But it's not particularly memorable until it's ready to say goodbye, and you're given a fleeting, tantalizing glimpse into the game that might have been."
  • IGN: 7.9 - "Yoshi's New Island's inconsistent art and tacked-on new ideas are all layered on top of the same strong platforming and level design that made the original great. This deep understanding of pacing and flow helps Yoshi's latest adventure stand out as the best iteration on Yoshi since the SNES original. Even if I wanted to play with the sound turned off."
  • US Gamer: 4/5 - "No, Yoshi's New Island may not be the game we fans of the original want, but it's definitely the game its creators set out to make. And a lot of fun, too. It's hard to be cynical about that."
  • Game Informer: 7 - "I've wanted a solid follow-up to Yoshi's Island for years, and this game is the third in a trilogy of follow-ups that range from half-baked to decent. Considering how unimpressed and apathetic I was towards most of Yoshi's New Island, it might be time to just be happy with my Super Nintendo memories when it comes to this series."
  • The Escapist: 3/5 - "Yoshi's New Island is by no means a bad game. It's pleasant enough, for the most part, and children are likely to find it very enjoyable indeed. Those who wanted something closer to the spirit of the original titles are going to be disappointed by most of what this one offers up, however, as those trickier elements are offered up late in the game, with a lot of tepid platforming barring the way."
  • Polygon: 7.5 - "Yoshi's New Island won me over early, and it kept me going even when I started to suffer from a touch of platformer fatigue. Its sense of humor and experimental streak keep the game fresh throughout, and allow Yoshi to stand apart, even in a crowded season for Nintendo's core properties. There's always room for cute - especially when it's this smart."
  • Venture Beat: 7 - "As a whole, it's not as good as the original game. It's merely solid, and it is also evidence that Nintendo should probably stop trying to recapture the 19-year-old magic."
  • Eurogamer: 4 - "It might look a little like Yoshi's Island, then, but it's a worse game in every regard. 19 years on from the original, its design has been denuded of almost everything that made it great: a series once fecund with ideas is now coasting on past glories. Yoshi, one of Nintendo's most selfless heroes, deserves far better - and may get it later this year, if Good-Feel can spin yarn into gold on Wii U."
  • Metro: 4 - "Not to further a cliché but what Yoshi's New Island lacks is that good old fashioned Nintendo magic. But there's nothing magical here, just by-the-numbers banality. The original game was one of the most imaginative and visually inventive of the 16-bit era, while this new version is one of the dullest and most insipid of the current generation of platformers."
  • NowGamer: 7.5 - "Boasting just 10-to-15 hours of solid, if largely unremarkable action, Yoshi's latest' effort never comes close to justifying its £35 asking price. Pick this one up on the cheap or pass on entirely."