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Ex-Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja leads reveal Firewatch

Campo Santo's first game is a first-person wilderness mystery

The next game from the lead designers behind The Walking Dead and Mark of the Ninja is Firewatch.

A "single-player, first-person exploration mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness," players take control of a volunteer fire lookout whose only contact with the outside world is with his supervisor, through his walkie-talkie.


"But when something strange draws you out of your lookout tower and into the world, you'll explore a wild and unknown environment, facing questions and making interpersonal choices that can build or destroy the only meaningful relationship you have," the game's teaser site reads.

The debut title from Campo Santo is the first project for Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin, design and story leads on The Walking Dead Season 1, Mark of the Ninja lead designer Nels Anderson, and graphic designer Olly Moss since their new studio was announced in September.

Campo Santo plans to reveal more about Firewatch over time on its development blog. It did not address which platforms it expects to release on or when.

"As we talk to our friends and industry colleagues about 'doing something indie' with us, there's a shared pragmatism informed by years in the industry that melds with the lingering youthful enthusiasm that got us into games to begin with," Vanaman said about forming the studio. "Some of us want to tell stories, some of us want to build systems, and some of us want to create beautiful looking worlds, but we all want to make something. The stultifying difficulty of making a good game is instantly tempered and then squashed."