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Video: Heroes of the Storm alpha walkthrough

Blizzard has published a walkthrough of its Heroes of the Storm technical alpha, providing the most extensive look yet at its franchise-crossing MOBA game.

Players can choose from a free selection of five rotating heroes heroes every week, much like League of Legends' shifting champion lineup. Leveling up will unlock one more rotating slot, and favorites can be purchased with in-game gold or real money.

Single champions like Diablo, Kerrigan, or Tyrande Whisperwind cost $7.49 according to the video, though pricing may change as the alpha continues. Intermittent server wipes will negate these purchases, however any cash spent will be returned as balance.

Practice, cooperative, and versus modes are included in the beta, and players will be required to unlock each mode in turn before fighting against human-controlled opponents. A ranked battle mode is planned but is not yet implemented.

Battling online will unlock in-game currency, which can be spent on color-altering "tints" or additional skins, new mounts to speed up traversal, and more.

Sign-ups for the technical alpha are open. Heroes of the Storm is the seemingly final incarnation of Blizzard All-Stars née Blizzard DOTA, which was first announced in October 2011.

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