Amazon game controller images surface

Brazilian authority provides first-look at input device for Amazon's rumoured Android console

Images of Amazon's game controller have appeared by way of the Brazilian telecommunication authority Anatel.

The images show a controller which bears a striking resemblance in form and aesthetic to the OnLive pad. It features two offset analogue sticks and four face buttons, labelled X, Y, A and B, similar to the Xbox controller.

The directional pad looks to be similar to that used by Nintendo on its controllers, while the Amazon pad also features rewind, fast forward, play and pause buttons, suggesting it is designed to be used with a system offering multimedia functionality.

Although it has been rumoured for some time that Amazon intends to enter the video game console space, the American online commerce company has not officially announced such plans.

Reports have suggested work on Amazon's Android console is already underway, with the company planning to release it later this year at a price of less than $300.

It is believed that Amazon's console will compete directly with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's platforms, and that it will offer streamed and downloadable games, music, movies and TV content.

Amazon recently acquired Double Helix Games and its IPs. The studio was most recently responsible for the Xbox One Killer Instinct reboot and Capcom's Strider.