Race the Sun hits PlayStation consoles in summer

High-speed endless racer gets console port with new worlds

Indie game Race the Sun is coming to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita this Summer, developer Flippfly has announced.

The 'endless runner' style game has players piloting a futuristic flying ship as they zoom through obstacle-covered environments with the setting sun as their 'death timer'.

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The game was originally released for PC and Mac in 2013, but the new PlayStation versions promise 'exclusive new worlds'.

"There's just something about going fast. The desire for speed seems to be ingrained in our very nature," said Flippfly co-founder, Forest San Filippo.

"Race the Sun is our attempt to distill that desire into its basic form - to strip away all pretense and let players experience pure, brutal speed. Building a game with this goal in mind took a lot of trial, error, and some new ideas."

The game will be both cross save and cross buy compatible, meaning you'll only have to buy the game on one platform to download it on all three.