PS4 price increased by $50CA in Canada

New RRP comes amid games and peripherals price hike across the country

The PlayStation 4 price has been increased by $50CA across Canada, Sony has confirmed.

The PS4 price climbed from $400CA to $450CA over the weekend, as strong demand and manufacturing constraints have resulted in a nationwide supply drought.

Sony has sold more than 6 million PlayStation 4s in the four months since the system's release

Meanwhile, the prices of the DualShock 4 controller and PlayStation Camera have both risen by $5 to $65.

In a statement to the Toronto Sun, Sony said the RRP hikes were in response "to changes in the market environment".

Throughout the past twelve months the Canadian dollar has weakened against the US currency. In March 2013 the two currencies were virtually the same value, but by January the Canadian dollar was worth about $0.90US, representing a ten per cent decrease in value.

Sony did not specifically cite the lowering value of the Canadian dollar against the US when asked for the reasons behind the PS4 price hike.

The prices of games across the region have climbed too, with new releases typically now sold $5CA higher than before, at $65CA. Sony claims that two of its upcoming exclusives, Infamous: Second Son and MLB 14 The Show, will be priced at $70CA.

In early March, US retailer GameStop increased the PlayStation Camera price by $10 to $70, citing high demand.