Kinect Sports Rivals producer says 'it's hard to define a core gamer'

"But the one thing we do is enable players to get their friends and family involved"

The distinction between core and casual gamers has blurred over the past few years, according to Kinect Sports Rivals executive producer Danny Isaac.

He told CVG during a recent visit to the studio's Twycross HQ: "I think as we move forward it's hard to work out what a core gamer is anymore.


"I play Dark Souls, Forza and Battlefield, but I also play Candy Crush Saga. My girlfriend has played Animal Crossing for 70 hours - I don't know how many 'core' gamers put that amount of effort into any of their games.

"A challenge we're going to always have is that some guys just want to grab a beer, put their feet up and play. But the one thing we do is enable players to get their friends and family involved."

Isaac, who thinks "there are a lot of ways we can innovate in core games with the [Kinect] sensor", also said there are inherent challenges to overcome when creating games designed to appeal to a broad target audience, such as upcoming Xbox One release Kinect Sports Rivals.

"When you look at the franchise previously, one of the challenges we had making a title that was quite broad was that it had to be... some people would say, 'bland'. It can't really be like Marmite; some people can't love it, some people can't hate it. It had to be something that everyone could get, and I think sometimes you can get into a difficult situation with that where everyone thinks it's ok but nobody loves it.

"When we started Rivals, the creative director Simon Woodroffe really wanted to celebrate gaming. We were looking at some of our sister products like Forza and Ryse which were photo-realistic and decided we weren't going to compete with that. We decided to make our game over the top, with power-ups and a vibrant world. Everything we were seeing was beige and brown and we wanted to show people we were making a game that was fun and that celebrated gaming."

In February, Microsoft announced a Kinect Sports Rivals release date of April 8 in North America and Australia, and April 11 in Europe.


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