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Hideo Kojima's favourite dog finally revealed

For many years the gaming community has been desperate to discover one thing above all else.

Some want to know when Half-Life 3 will be released. Others are dying to know if there will ever be another Super Mario Galaxy. But there's one question that every single gamer, be it man, woman, child or miscellaneous, has been desperate to know the answer to.

Just what IS Hideo Kojima's favourite breed of dog?

Well, you're welcome. CVG has finally solved gaming's greatest mystery, thanks to our very own superhero, Real Games Journalist Gav Murphy.

In fact, not only did Gav expose Kojima's favourite canine, he also got the same answer from the likes of Naughty Dog, Josef Fares (the creator of Brothers), the Rayman Legends team and even Ken Levine*.

Check it out:

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*may not actually be Ken Levine