Microsoft exploring Xbox virtual reality devices, report claims

While Sony is rumoured to be planning a VR headset reveal at GDC this week

Microsoft has reportedly developed a number of virtual reality devices that could be used to expand the Xbox platform.

According to Wall Street Journal sources said to be familiar with the company's plans, Microsoft's VR devices have been developed alongside augmented reality technology in a bid to identify a new range of Xbox experiences.

In October 2013, it emerged that Microsoft had filed at least one patent for a "head-mounted display device" which could potentially be used to play virtual or augmented reality games.


Sony's long-rumoured PS4 virtual reality headset will be revealed at the Game Developers Conference this week, according to multiple reports.

Most recently, Edge claimed to have received confirmation of the platform holder's plans from multiple development sources.

The site has been told that select third party studios are already in possession of a prototype Sony headset described as "far superior to Oculus Rift's first incarnation, though that is expected to even out a little with the arrival of Rift's new, more advanced Crystal Cove devkit".

The headset will reportedly be revealed during Sony's GDC session this Tuesday, March 18. 'Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment' will be presented by SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, SCEA R&D senior director Richard Marks, and SCEA R&D senior software engineer Anton Mikhailov.

CVG understands that Sony had originally intended to debut the Oculus Rift-like device at Gamescom in August 2013, but delayed the reveal until September's Tokyo Games Show, before again pushing it back in order to allow more time to develop the hardware before offering it up for public scrutiny.

A games developer familiar with Sony's plans, who wished to remain anonymous, recently told CVG that Evolution Studios is currently working with the device to simulate a cockpit view on its PS4 title DriveClub.


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