Amazon's game console may be a dongle, stream PC games

Media streaming device reportedly set for release as early as April

Amazon's long-rumoured game console/set top box will reportedly come in a dongle form similar to Google Chromecast.

TechCrunch sources said to be familiar with the company's plans suggest the device will offer support for streaming top tier PC games at 30fps from Amazon's server farms.

While the report claims the device is still in testing, Wall Street Journal sources suggest it will begin shipping in early April.

Carrying the Fire branding also attached to Amazon tablets, the device has reportedly been in development since April 2013. Amazon is said to have distributed a pre-production version to select app developers.

The WSJ report claims Amazon will ship the device with a simple remote control. A more advanced control, featuring gaming and media playback functionality, may be sold separately.

While pricing remains unclear, the reports also indicate that the device may come with incentives available to Amazon Prime members, such as Amazon Instant Video.


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