Rewatch: Gang Beasts, Starwhal, BaraBariBall LivePlay

Watch at 6pm UK time / 2pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

For the past two weeks, team CVG's lunch time period has involved stuffing our faces as fast as we can and then huddling around a single PC to play TowerFall in local multiplayer.

We've been bitten by the multiplayer bug and thought we'd spread it by streaming some of our heated multiplayer shenanigans tonight. So, team CVG will be streaming TowerFall on Twitch.

But that's not all, Joe Skrebels, our compadre at Official Nintendo Magazine, has convinced us to take a few interesting new multiplayer indie games for a spin too, so we'll also be playing BaraBariBall, Gang Beasts and Starwhal, and Joe swears these games are guaranteed create some amusing multiplayer hijinx.

Join us from 6pm UK time / 2pm Eastern / 10am Pacific here or on our Twitch page to watch how we get on.


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