Video: Battlefield 4: Naval Strike's Carrier Assault mode

A trailer for Battlefield 4: Naval Strike shows the expansion's new Carrier Assault mode.

The video published Wednesday gives viewers an unedited look at the mode, which sets two teams with a mobile carrier base against each other. Players must claim land-based missile launchers to take out the enemy carrier's defenses, then siege the carriers on foot.

The water combat focused expansion will feature four new maps set in the South China Sea.

Naval Strike is one of five Battlefield 4 expansions due for release by the summer of 2014. They can be pre-purchased as part of the £39.99 / $50 Battlefield Premium subscription offering. The other four expansions are Second Assault, China Rising, Dragon's Teeth and Final Stand.

The next expansion due for Battlefield 4 is titled Dragon Rising. It adds a two-handed ballistic shield among other new gear and features.

Naval Strike is planned to release in late March.

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