Sony enhances PS4 support for indie dev tools GameMaker and MonoGame

Platform holder also bolsters Unity engine support

Sony has announced fresh support for the independent game development community in the form of new tools and middleware solutions.

The firm says it has entered into partnerships to bring native solutions from popular middleware vendors GameMaker:Studio and MonoGame to PS4.


GameMaker:Studio's native export capabilities will smooth the process of converting PC titles like Heart Machine's Hyper Light Drifter, Teknopants' Samurai Gunn, Hopoo Games' Risk of Rain and Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne to PS4, according to Sony.

MonoGame was used in the creation of Towerfall: Ascension for PS4, and will also help bring Mercenary Kings and Transistor to the console in the coming months.

Additionally, Sony has confirmed that fully integrated solutions for Unity are now available for PS3 and Vita, with the early access version for PS4 due in April 2014.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said: "SCE is an immense supporter of the indie movement within the game industry and is constantly collecting feedback on how to make things easier for developers. It became abundantly clear within the development community that these broad sets of tools and specific middleware solutions are in high-demand.

"We are pleased to provide these powerful tools to developers and add even more flexibility and development options for game developers around the world, and we know that PlayStation gamers will be thrilled to play the games that will come to our platforms as a result of these partnerships."


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