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FIFA Ultimate Team celebrates 5 years with freebies and discounts

Free and heavily discounted packs available for the next five days

EA Sports is celebrating the fifth anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team with a number of special deals and free FUT packs for players.

Any player who logs into FIFA 14 Ultimate Team before Monday will receive five free Gold Rare Packs, each consisting of twelve rare players and items (a total of 60 rarities). The contents of these packs, however, cannot be traded or sold on the Ultimate Team transfer market.


EA will also be offering heavily discounted packs, with a new deal offered each day until Monday. At the time of writing the first deal - Jumbo Gold packs for 5,000 coins instead of 15,000 - is still active and is due to be replaced with a different deal later today.

Finally, players who use the FIFA Ultimate Team web app will receive a daily free gift if they log on each day until Monday.

EA has also released a number of stats highlighting Ultimate Team's popularity. According to the firm, Ultimate Team is the most played game mode in FIFA 14, with 64 per cent of all FIFA players taking part.

Since the mode was first introduced in FIFA 09, a total of 21,849,017 unique players have tried Ultimate Team. In FIFA 14 alone, a total of 1.46 billion transfers have been listed since October's release, with over 542,000 listed per hour.

264,000 Ultimate Team matches are also played every day, with a total of 725 million played so far in FIFA 14.