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Sorry about the Podcast disaster this week

File corrupt error

Bad news for those of you looking for CVG's weekly Off The Record Podcast.

Usually it lands every Thursday, around about this time of day, but this week we were cursed by fate as the recording file was corrupted. After spending ages in disbelief, trying to salvage it, we eventually had to come to terms with the fact it's gone.

I'll be honest - it really was an amazing one too. We had ONM editor Matthew Castle as our special guest, who brought me to the verge of tears when describing a game where you explore certain parts of his body.

We also went hardcore on talking about Metal Gear, arguing over price and describing its heavenly gameplay.

Really sorry you couldn't hear it. We'll be back in business next week.

PS: Please accept this image Steven Seagal in a zen-like state as an apology.

Image: Flickr