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Yu Suzuki: 'Of course I want to make Shenmue 3'

Series creator also reminisces on the first game's development

Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki has declared his continued interest in making a third and final chapter in the Shenmue series.

While giving a talk on the making of the original game at the Game Developers Conference yesterday, Suzuki was asked by an attendee if he would ever like to make Shenmue 3.


Smiling, he replied via a translator: "Of course I want to make one, if I have the right opportunity, 'dot dot dot'..."

The rest of Suzuki's talk (which you can read about in detail on Gamasutra) focused on the development of the first Shenmue for Dreamcast. He explained that the original prototype for the game was called The Old Man and the Peach Tree, was set in 1950s China and had the player search for a kung fu master named Ryu.

This prototype evolved to Virtua Fighter RPG: Akira's Story, which then ultimately became the three-part Shenmue.

Suzuki spoke to the audience about his policy of 'borderless development', in which he hired the likes of screenwriters, playwrights and movie directors to help come up with in-game scenarios, rather than just game developers.

He also shared a humorous anecdote on one of the bugs that came about as a result of the game's unique 'living world'. Each of the game's AI characters lived their own 'lives' by a daily schedule, but one day the team noticed the warehouse district area was entirely empty.

"The cause was a convenience store," Suzuki explained. "In the morning all of the NPCs in the district went to get breakfast at the convenience store, and a lot of the NPCs couldn't get out because they got stuck.

"We had to put an automatic door on the store and limit the maximum occupancy."