DirectX 12 announced: 'Works across all Microsoft platforms'

GDC reveal reaffirms DirectX 12 for Xbox One support

The next generation version of Microsoft's DirectX API was revealed to an industry audience on Thursday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.


Anuj Gosalia, development manager for graphics at Microsoft, claimed that DirectX 12 will work in some form across all Microsoft platforms; A position in line with the corporation's ethos of uniting tablets, computers and games consoles with the same operating systems.

That means that new DirectX 12 production capabilities will be arriving on the Xbox One platform. Microsoft claimed that the overall CPU utilisation has been halved when compared to DX11, with workloads better spread across CPU cores.

Microsoft was thin on details, but claimed that the new tech will give applications better control over graphics memory usage, resulting in better efficiency and thus more room to do more.

Developers in attendance have Tweeted key slides from the GDC presentation, which roughly outlines various technological advancements.

Image: Zeeshan Mhaskar

Turn 10 made an appearance at the event to showcase Forza 5 running on PC with Direct3D 12 at 60 frames per second.

A DirectX 12 release date was not announced at the time of going to press.