Titanfall PC to get 4K support thanks to Nvidia collaboration

Respawn partners with graphics firm for GameWorks upgrades

Nvidia has announced plans to work with Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment to bring ultra-high resolution 4K support to the PC version of the game.

"NVIDIA's engineers will be collaborating with Respawn's artists and engineers to build support for a number of NVIDIA GameWorks features into Titanfall," said the firm in an official blog post, which has since oddly been removed (Google cache version here).


"Respawn will also release updates to support high-definition 4k displays, and our SLI multi-GPU technology, for a fantastic high-end PC experience," said Nvidia's Ashu Rege.

Other GameWorks features promised include Temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA) which, for those unsure, is "a film-style anti-aliasing technique that reduces the crawling and flickering seen in motion when playing games", explained Rege.

"It's the highest quality anti-aliasing technique out there," he added.

The developer also promised "Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+ (HBAO+), essentially "more lifelike shadows".

Titanfall launched on Xbox One in March running at the same 792p native resolution as the beta version, but Respawn Entertainment may change that in the future.

In our Titanfall review we said Respawn's shooter is "thrillingly chaotic and expertly tuned" with a "consistently smooth frame-rate."