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Levine's next project may do away with cutscenes

Animation director Shawn Robertson drops hints at GDC talk

The first project from the new Irrational Games aims to make cutscenes a relic of gaming history.

Irrational animation director Shawn Robertson gave a brief tease about the reformed studio's future projects in a GDC talk Thursday.


"We need to push past cutscenes for what's narrative in games," Robertson said. "I want to bridge that gap between high fidelity and high interactivity."

In the beginning of the session, Robertson mentioned that the majority of BioShock's non-combat interactions with characters were totally non-interactive, whereas BioShock Infinite brought Elizabeth to the fore.

"I certainly hope I can stand here after our next project and talk about cutscenes the same way I talked about humans behind glass at the beginning of this talk."

Robertson spoke about how Irrational dedicated a team of 13 developers from across its disciplines called "the Liz Squad" to making Elizabeth's interactions believable.

"The goal for BioShock Infinite's companion was to bring the story fully into the player space," Robertson said.

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Part II, which stars Elizabeth in her first playable role, is set for release on March 25.

It will be the last piece of releasable content developed by Irrational Games, following the studio's surprise closure in February.