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Child of Light dev diary spotlights art and gameplay

Ubisoft has released a new Child of Light developer diary.

The video provides a brief overview of the game's story, in which Aurora, the young daughter of an Austrian Duke, wakes up in a magical world and must journey home to her father. Guiding her through the darkness is a floating ball of light named Igniculus, who can be controlled by a second player.

Each character has a unique playstyle in this 2D RPG platformer hybrid; Aurora can attack and defend using magic and her sword, while Igniculus uses his light source to heal and blind enemies.

During battles, the game includes an 'Active Time Battle System meter' at the bottom of the screen, which lets players know how soon each character will be able to move.

According to the Ubisoft, Child of Light is inspired by "fairy tales and epic poems" and styled after Japanese role-playing games, with turn-based battles and a skill tree closely resembling that seen in Far Cry 3.

In the video, the game's developers also discuss the inspirations behind Child of Light's unique visual style, citing artists including John Bauer, Edmund Dulac and Georges Rackham.

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