Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare DLC fixes coming

New Xbox patches will rectify issues caused by earlier title update

PopCap is in the process of rolling out Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare patches to solve issues caused by the release of new DLC earlier this week.

Launched on March 18, the free Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare DLC in question includes a fresh map, a new eight versus eight game mode and 24 extra ability upgrades, among other features.

However, its release resulted in users suffering a number of technical issues, including lost economy updates.


Posting on Twitter, Garden Warfare creative director Justin Wiebe said: "We now have fixes locally and are testing them. All goes well game should be running smooth on X1 tonight. X360 will take a bit longer.

"Patch tests are good. We will be rolling out the patch to the servers tonight which will also restore prev economy and balance tuning.

"Please note however Driftwood Shores and Main Street G&G maps will be out of map rotation on X360 a little longer. Again our apologies."

In our Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare review, we said the game "will enrapture younger players with its characters and style, but other games manage to do this while catering for those interested in the actual game underneath the affable exterior".

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