Rewatch: Ground Zeroes record speedrun attempt, Infamous heroics

Welcome to the weekend! Let's start with two of the biggest game releases of the year, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Infamous: Second Son.

At 3pm (8am Pacific, 11am Eastern) our resident games maestro Iain Wilson will take Metal Gear Ground Zeroes for a spin, attempting to break a five minute speedrun record.

Then, thirty minutes later, our Metal Gear expert Dan Dawkins will host a Q&A on Kojima's latest game, discussing narrative theories and key characters in the plot.

Dawkins is the man who has made fascinating MGS predictions in the past, many of which have turned out to be true.

At about 4pm (9am Pacific, Midday Eastern) we'll be turning our attentions to the PS4 exclusive Infamous Second:Son.


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