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Infamous Second Son day 1 patch introduces 5 hours of bonus content

Side story to be released episodically over a six week period

Infamous Second Son comes with a day one patch introducing "almost five hours" of bonus content.

Dubbed the 'Infamous Paper Trail', the side story will be released episodically over the next month and a half.


"You will pursue missions to unravel the mysteries behind the DUP and the cover-up of a violent suicide through this time-released story," Sucker Punch co-founder and producer Brian Fleming wrote on the PS Blog.

"New content will be released every week for the first six weeks after launch of the game, offering almost five hours of additional content available to everyone who has a copy of Infamous Second Son and a PSN account."

The day one patch will also introduce various bug fixes and the first Infamous Second Son DLC pack, which is titled Cole's Legacy.

To coincide with today's Infamous Second Son release date on PS4, CVG has published a video showing off the first 45 minutes of the game.

In our Infamous Second Son review, we said the title "sticks too close to the InFamous template, and skimps on the next-gen trimmings." See what other critics thought of the game in our Infamous Second Son review round-up.


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