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Watch Dogs R18+ classification due to 'additional content', Ubisoft confirms

"Give it time, there will be a report saying Banned in Australia, yet again. Then I will have to bow my head along with my fellow aussies as the world laughs at us." - Shaun Robert

And then you'll be looking at "thongs" on your feet, and we'll be laughing harder

Ultra Street Fighter 4's final new character confirmed

"The lore of the Bison dolls is really cool. I hope it gets fleshed out one day." - roland82


UK Chart: Titanfall enjoys biggest launch of 2014

"Whilst I can't comment on the 'ahem.... Campaign' (I haven't yet started it but only got my copy this morning), My initial impression is favourable. I would say that the FPS genre is my preferred type of game and really enjoy CoD and BF - especially online. Not to say I don't enjoy or buy these for the other aspects they offer. In general I wouldn't buy an MP only game but as a lot of friends were buying this and its in my preferred gaming genre, I relented and purchased.

I do think the mechanics and gameplay are fun and will probably be more so when I get the opportunity to party up and play with friends. I also think it looks good too - maybe not the best next-gen title but certainly more than acceptable. The AI maybe 'dumb' but they serve a purpose, make the battlefield feel more occupied and give the game a bit of humour too. There is a lot going on outside of the map with spaceships flying around, creatures doing the same (and they do attack grunts) etc all of which adds to the overall impression of the game.

In actual playing, the game feels smooth, responsive and fun. I don't feel that it really adds much in general. Game modes are all familiar, weapons are limited but effective, Maps are static but varied etc. I don't think it feels fresh or new but it does feel 'solid' and most definitely fun and fast paced. There is still a lot to like from the melee attacks, grunts comments/reactions, map design and look, flow and pace of the game and sheer 'fun' it offers

I wouldn't recommend it to people looking for something deep and meaningful but if you want a great fun online MP game with a fairly accessible and easy route in (you can easily get kills against the AI, Earn Titans etc without feeling like all the players are better than you) then I would highly recommend it.

I really do think though that rating scores are quite high - 8/10 would be a fairer score as it does seem to be lacking in some areas but what it does have and offer is certainly worth playing...." - bamozzy

We appreciate that you managed to put across your opinion without using the words "paid", "biased", "Micro$oft" or "wh0r3" in this comment. You're a model for commenters on the internet.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD 'Epic Tale' trailer released

"On the subject of things we're dreading doing: Dodging lightning bolts, catching butterflies and getting a time of less than 0:00 on the chocobo racing are all high on my list." - The Aiden

Fun fact: The only time I've ever thrown a games controller is while playing FFX and trying to get 0:00 on the Chocobo racing game. I threw it into a pillow, it's all good.

Epic Games shows concept art for unannounced game

"Something about this has me excited, it might be the duster and samurai swords on that character model. Will be keeping an eye on this" - DannyIsBatman

Studies have shown that long coats = ultra cool. See. SEE. SEEEEEEE!

First shots of new Assassin's Creed game leak - report

"Quelle surprise!" - toaplan



Xbox vet Marc Whitten departs from Microsoft

"whitten is quittin'." - Ertan Ertigan

4/10 - See me after class

Amazon's game console may be a dongle, stream PC games

"Dongle mongrel. I know, C-" - Yogafire


InFamous Second Son lead designer quits Sucker Punch

"was he lured away...or did he get 'sucker-punched'?" - Ertan Ertigan

Release the hounds


Review: InFamous Second Son delivers last-gen heroics

"7 is a pathetic score from a site that gave a game like Titanfall a 9. I don't say this because Titanfall is a terrible game, I say this because it in no way deserves a 9 for it's short amount of content, terrible designed MP campaign and lack of content for a solely MP game.

The negative points addressed in this review have been patched and fixed for the day one patch that either arrives today or tomorrow, the game should be re-reviewed again mainly because of this. It's a fantastic single player experience that delivers both top end graphics and fantastic action packed gameplay.

Sorry but I literally just lost respect for CVG because of this trash as hell review. Switch the scores around for this and Titanfall and take your head straight out of Microsofts arse." - ShadowWarlock

If you read the review you'll know that I played the patched version.

"So for years games that played the same over and over (I'm looking at you COD and assassins creed) get consistently high scores but now somehow because it's a new gen, games must instantly change to offer something new. This gen isn't even 6 months old and reviewers seem to be ridiculously over critical and expect changes to some new theoretical ideal straight away." - adsoldroyd

When it launched, Call of Duty revolutionised console shooters, it deserved high scores. For the first few years it continued to earn its high scores with smart tweaks and new features. As the yearly games became just small iterations the scores have declined - we gave Ghosts a 7 I believe.

Even when the first InFamous launched it wasn't the best open-world game on the market, and I say that as a fan - go back and listen to our Game of the Generation podcasts if you want, I defended that game passionately. But it failed to evolve in any meaningful ways from then on. On new, significantly more powerful hardware it's not unfair to expect something more from a new entry, or to criticise it for not being a more ambitious game, which it just isn't. There's a lot of wasted potential.

The funny thing is, you want us to be critical when games are the same thing over and over, and yet you're having a go at me for doing that for InFamous. And just for the record, I think it's a good game, which is why I gave it a 7 and praised elements of it in the review text.

"Tamoor Hussain reviewing a PS4 game! You'd be a perfect fit for Polygon." - Pirate

Let's quit CVG forever and go there. You first.


Last week:

Sony GDC talk announced amid VR rumours

"Why would they hara-kiri all the success they've currently been having with a fools errand. None of this fits with the way Sony is currently being run, Remember 3DTV?

Also if these so called "Games Journalists" would for once just learn a few technical details about the consoles they cover they would know that the PS4 is not powerful enough to power a VR headset." - Hans Carmichel

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PlayStation exec Shuhei Yoshida unveils PS4 virtual reality device at GDC