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Watch every Dark Souls 2 boss defeated without levelling up

If you're having trouble defeating a midgame Dark Souls 2 boss at level 100 with an upgraded weapon, then prepare for frustration.

YouTube user Konkrete Junglist has managed to defeat every Dark Souls 2 boss without levelling up once, meaning he's completed the game under the most difficult - some might say impossible - circumstances possible.

Junglist - who has also done the same in the original Dark Souls - belongs to a secret underground* internet community known as the Onebros. The name references the act of completing a Dark Souls game as a Level 1 character.

Embedded below is a video for one of Dark Souls 2's notoriously difficult mid-game bosses, which you definitely should not watch if you're afraid of spoilers. The rest are here.

Do you have the courage to Onebro Dark Souls 2?

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*May not be secret nor underground