Want a white Xbox One? It's yours for only $2700

Limited edition, Microsoft staff-only console spotted on eBay

Are you an unnecessarily wealthy person?

Do you light candles in your house by rolling up £100 notes, setting them on fire and using them as makeshift matches? In fact, are your candles actually made of melted-down £100 notes?


If you are indeed the sort of person who has more rooms in your house than there are months in the day (people who live in Travelodges not included), then the white Xbox One is the console for you.

In case you aren't up to scratch, the white Xbox One was only made available to Microsoft employees involved in the making of the console and still employed by company at the time of its launch last November.

It also features the words "I MADE THIS" next to the disc slot, which makes me think of the kid's voice at the end of each X-Files episode every time I read it.

So, you've got more money than sense and you'd like to own one. You're in luck - someone is selling one on eBay for $2700 (£1630). Hilariously expensive to paupers like me, but no doubt chump change to the likes of you.

If that's slightly out of your budget, have some faith. Your patience may be rewarded, if rumours that a white Xbox One is scheduled for a commercial release later this year are to be believed.