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Finally! Games clothing for the classier dresser

The world of game-related clothing is a narrow tightrope to navigate.

Much as most of us are perfectly happy literally wearing our love for a particular gaming franchise on our sleeve, there are still certain members of society who would look down on such unashamed joy.

Unfair as it may be, some people will turn your nose up at you if you try to enter a classy restaurant, attend a glamorous nightclub or go to your grandmother's funeral wearing your favourite bright green "Parappa The Rapper is my homeboy" t-shirt.

We've just discovered Musterbrand, an online store that could potentially solve this dilemma, with a range of game-inspired clothing that's far subtler than your typical Pikachu onesie.

With this gear on, you can pay your respects to nan while still flying your gaming colours. Um, as long as you don't wear the Resident Evil ones. That would maybe be in bad taste.

Here's a selection of some of Musterbrand's efforts. Obviously, this is by no means the only store that specialises in 'classier' gaming clothing so if you have a particular shop you prefer to visit let us know in the comments below.