Phil Harrison would 'love Supercell to make an Xbox One game'

Xbox exec keen to attract the Clash of Clans studio to the platform

At GDC last week Microsoft revealed strong support for its Xbox One indie initiative ID@Xbox.

The company said more than 250 developers are now signed up to the program, "which is more than the entire developer community on Xbox 360 over its entire life", according to Phil Harrison, corporate VP of the Xbox division.


25 new indie titles were revealed for Xbox One last week, including Super Time Force from Capybara Games, Contrast by Compulsion Games, and Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition.

But one unannounced development partner Harrison would like to attract to Xbox One is Supercell, the Finnish studio behind popular mobile titles like Clash of Clans.

"There are a lot of games I play on mobile that clearly are designed for a touch user interface, and that's a little bit tricky to replicate on a console with a controller interface," Harrison told CVG in an interview. "I'm not sure if they count as an indie anymore, but I'd love to see Supercell bring something to Xbox One."

While perhaps not on the same scale as triple-A games like Titanfall, Harrison also claimed that Xbox One indie titles can "absolutely" be system sellers.


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