Silicon Studio 'may expand Bravely Default to new platforms'

Company also discusses plans for new games beyond Bravely Default

Silicon Studio has said it could develop a Bravely Default game for platforms other than 3DS in the future.

In a new interview, Silicon Studio president Takehiko Terada told CVG that the company is currently considering how it can "expand" the acclaimed JRPG property.


"We may expand in the future," said Terada, "but we don't have a clear plan yet. We're talking about that, maybe using other devices, but we don't have a clear plan."

Bravely Default is published by Square Enix exclusively on 3DS. Although it does not carry the Final Fantasy name, it bears numerous similarities in gameplay and aesthetic to the more established series, earning it a reputation in some circles as 'the best Final Fantasy in years'.

Elsewhere in the interview, Terada discussed the studio's game development projects beyond Bravely Default, indicating that the company's relationship with Square Enix may yield another separate title. "Hopefully we have another game coming from our relationship [with Square Enix]," he said.

"In the future we want to have a really realistic game," he later added, "not like Bravely Default which is really cartoonish, but a more realistic game."

Silicon Studio is known to be working with Project Morpheus, Sony's newly unveiled virtual reality headset. The two companies previously collaborated on PS3 exclusive 3D Dot Game Heroes.


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